Feeding the Piggy Bank: How to Fund a Mail Account with CAPS

What is CAPS? The Centralized Account Processing System, or CAPS, is an electronic postage payment system developed by the United States Postal Service (USPS) that provides business mailers a centralized, convenient, and cost-effective way to fund permit imprints, business reply mail, merchandise return services, postage due accounts, express mail corporate accounts, and address element correction services. It also simplifies the process of funding a mail account by offering an electronic alternative to presenting checks or cash for postage and fees at multiple post offices.

 The benefits of CAPS include:

  • There are no checks to send
  • Account activity can be reviewed online at any time—password protected for your use only
  • More than one post office can be linked to the same account
  • For Allen Press customers, it eliminates the need to fund a postage account in Lawrence, Kansas

As a CAPS customer, you can:

  • Have a unique account number and password to ensure that funds are properly administered
  • Continue to mail under the same permit imprint, periodical, and business reply account numbers currently held
  • Incorporate all or some of your existing accounts into CAPS
  • Have annual mailing and accounting fees administered automatically
  • Access and download real-time CAPS account information through reports generated at the CAPS Web site

CAPS offers two types of accounts—a centralized trust account or a centralized debit account.

With a trust account, you deposit funds to the CAPS bank prior to mailing, using electronic funds transfer. The account is automatically reduced when local post offices process postage statements. The disadvantage of this type of account is that your mailing won’t be sent if there is an insufficient balance in the account.

However, with a debit account, you designate a debit-enabled bank account for postage charges. The bank account is debited for the total day’s postage on the next bank business day. The advantage of this type of account is that your mailing be sent regardless of the account balance, thus ensuring that your publication stays on schedule and is delivered to your subscribers on time.


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