Global Mail Delivery Delays Update: April 23, 2012

Here are the latest global hot spots that may delay mail delivery as reported by International Delivery Solutions.

Global Mail and Transportation Incidences 

Canada — Truck transportation is being affected by rain and wet snow sweeping through parts of Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Canada.
Much of northeastern and southern Ontario under a significant snow watch. Ottawa-area residents woke up to strong winds, ice pellets and some flurries Monday morning, as the temperature hovered around 32 degrees.

Slovenia — Public sector workers launched a nationwide general strike on April 18th.

Mideast — A storm accompanied by strong winds is causing sandstorm transportation-related disruptions in Istanbul, Turkey and parts of Egypt on April 18th which includes air transportation.

Brazil — Sao Paulo Int’l Airport affected by police strike on April 19th.

Portugal — Air traffic controller strike on April 19th.

US Postal Service Announcement :

Effective May 7th:  the USPS has announced the temporary suspension of Int’l Priority Airmail (IPA) Service to the following countries:

        Cuba – Iran – North Korea – Sudan – Syria

And, suspension of Int’l Surface Airlift (ISAL) Service to the following countries:

       Cuba – Iran – Sudan – Syria

These measures are being implemented due to the complexity of monitoring outbound shipments to these countries until such time as export sanctions are removed or exports to these countries can be suitably monitored.  Letter post items, First Class Mail International, to these destinations will still be accepted at postal facilities.


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