Maintaining Your Periodical Mailing Status

mailblogxphotoAs 2012 comes to a close, many serial publications are sending out their last issue for the year. While it is important to routinely publish on time each quarter to hit mission critical reader satisfaction targets — did you know that your Periodicals mailing class status actually depends on it?

Periodicals mailing status is preferred by many publishers because USPS service standards mandate that mail in this class is delivered overnight in the same areas that Priority and First-Class Mail are delivered overnight. This means that journals and magazines in this class can reach their audience quickly after publication. By not publishing on a consistent quarterly basis, however, publishers risk losing this status. A loss of status could result in unhappy readers or even permanent attrition, as your content may not be successfully reaching your audience in a timely manner.

When an organization has applied to be a periodical mailer, they must meet the requirements of their status each year. Because it will be costly and timely to re-apply after losing your status, it is important to adhere to strict time deadlines in all stages of your publication.

If you have noticed that deadlines for your publication were tight in 2012, your organization can apply to change the frequency of their periodical. Because a Statement of Ownership, Management, and Circulation is required by October for each periodical, your organization should be aware of whether or not the frequency of the publication should be changed.

A periodicals mail expert is available at your local Business Mail Entry office should questions arise about the status of your publication.  If you are looking for specific forms for your periodical, the USPS provides these on their website.


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