About Allen Press

Allen Press provides the most comprehensive offering of integrated services for scholarly journal and special-interest publication production.

Since 1935, Allen Press has helped organizations disseminate research findings and other information through print media. With this experience as our foundation, we also provide superior web-hosting services aimed at helping organizations deliver information faster than ever.

Through the years, our primary focus has been, and continues to be, serving the scholarly publishing community as well as special-interest publishers. We currently serve hundreds of organizations. The content we produce is used by leading professionals, consumers, and libraries throughout the world.

Our mission is to partner with organizations to promote their interests and to achieve their goals. Key to helping you achieve your goals is our commitment to staying current on industry trends by attending industry workshops, seminars, and summits. Helping our clients succeed also means effectively communicating helpful hints, best practices, and emerging trends so that you can make the most of your resources and prepare for the future.

For the past 27 years, Allen Press has sponsored educational seminars aimed at helping publishers. Allen Press was the first journal publishing service provider to sponsor seminars such as our annual Allen Press Emerging Trends in Scholarly Publishing™ Seminar held in Washington, DC, and our Best Practices & Innovative Solutions Seminar held in Lawrence, KS.

The strength and stability of Allen Press can be attributed to its people.  Allen Press currently employs more than 275 people. Since its inception, Allen Press has been owned and operated by the Allen family. The Allen philosophy of educating and developing staff has been key to employee retention. The longevity of our staff benefits you through experience unmatched in the industry and the assurance of stability and continuity in the delivery of our services.

Whether you need just printing or a complete author-to-reader solution, our offerings can be integrated seamlessly into your existing workflow. Our hallmark is the flexibility to adapt our services to each individual publisher’s production needs while incorporating cost-saving ideas along the way.

Since we exclusively focus on scholarly and special-interest publications, we understand the need for a fully integrated and efficient production process that simplifies processes, delivers fast turnaround, and drives down costs.