About MailBlogx

MailBlogx is a blog dedicated to publishers who need to find out the latest information on a variety of mailing-related subjects like postal rates for periodicals, the latest developments in list certification or the latest alerts on expected interruptions in mail service in international hot spots. As available, we also include useful updates on postal regulations, rate increases, announcements, and initiatives, as well as news and information regarding industry trends, technology, terminology, and mailing services for publishers.

Fresh content is posted every other Friday, with updates in between as news breaks. An RSS feed is available for readers who would like to be alerted when new content has been posted. Material will be archived and searchable.

While MailBlogx does live in the blogosphere, you won’t find controversial opinions, point-counterpoint, philosophical musings, or running commentary on the state of modern society. While the political and cultural climate are covered as they affect mailing services, costs, and efficiency, the primary intent of MailBlogx is to help publishers keep up with things like changes in postal regulations and new mailing and distribution processes.

MailBlogx is the creative property of Allen Press, Inc. Although the target audience is scholarly and special interest publishers, the blog is open to the public as an information-sharing resource. Original material by Allen Press can be used and shared as long as the source is attributed. Links to other blogs, articles, websites, and online resources other than MailBlogx may be shared but the content linked to is protected on a case-by-case basis as specified by the content creator.