A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words: A Helpful Guide to Periodical Postal Guidelines

periodical_infographic_finalDo you find that periodical postal guidelines are confusing or hard to understand? Don’t feel alone! Click on the image to the left to open a helpful infographic from Allen Press which explains the benefits of periodical status for your publication, how to qualify for the periodical rate, and the applicable pricing.

Global Mail Delivery Delays Update: July 8, 2015

World Map_standing imageHere are the current areas of the world that may be experiencing mail delays.

Source: International Delivery Solutions

Costa Rica – July 7th, torrential rains and flooding in the Caribbean Basin and in the areas of Sarapiqui and Turrialba.

Germany – As of July 7th, the postal strike has ended, expect some delays until mail is cleared.

Indonesia – July 5 and 6th international flight delays may cause mail processing and delivery delays.

Venezuela – July 6th, Flooding in  states of Apure, Tachira and Barinas have been affected by severe flooding after heavy rainfall. In Apure, a state of emergency has been declared. Traffic disruptions and delays in mail processing and delivery possible.

Ecuador–  Pope Francis visit from July 5-8th; roads in Quito blocked off.

Bolivia: Pope Francis to visit La Paz and Santa Cruz from July 8-10.

Canada – July 9th the Province of Nunavut is a Regional Holiday no mail delivery.

Paraguay – Pope Francis visit in Paraguay for the first time from July 10-12.

France – July 14th Bastille Day is a National Holiday no mail delivery.

All Muslim Countries – July 17th the End of Romadan Holiday.

Global Mail Delivery Delays Update: June 23, 2015

World Map_standing imageHere are the current areas of the world that may be experiencing mail delays.

Source: International Delivery Solutions

India:  In Mumbai, June 23rd heavy rains and a flood warning have brought public life to a standstill causing severe air and traffic disruptions.  The usual summer rain season has begun, expect mail delays.

USA: June 23rd, flight Disruptions at Chicago O’Hare International Airport, canceled more than 230 flights.  This will disrupt outbound IPA and ISAL shipments.

Canada: Québec’s St. Jean Baptiste Day, no mail delivery on June 24th.

Australia:  Started on June 15th and on-going, Industrial action by the Australian Customs Union and staff. This is likely to disrupt inbound flows of all mail into all Australian gateways. Currently there is no information available on the strike end date and Australia Post is not able to confirm what the level of delay there may be as a result.

France:  Since June 10th and is on-going.  La Poste has reported problems with their tracking system and many updates are waiting to be transmitted, which is likely to result in lack of tracking events.

Argentina: June 9th transportation unions staged a national strike, which affected all types of transport including air transport. Traffic disruptions as well as delays in mail processing and delivery were possible.

Germany:  Since June 8th and is on-going.  Unlimited Postal Strike now, expanded to 25,000 workers, however, 80% of letters and parcels are on-time.  The rest are experiencing delays up to three days. Negotiations with the workers union in Germany have been unsuccessful.

Spain:  June 8th thru June 15th Air Traffic controller strike, expect mail delays.

Canada Reminder:   Canada Day on July 1st — No mail delivery.

Global Mail Delivery Delays Update: June 4, 2015

World Map_standing imageHere are the current areas of the world that may be experiencing mail delays.

Source: International Delivery Solutions

Chile:  Customs office on strike May 20th thru June 3rd. Chile Post will now accept mail dispatches again on June 5th. Chile Post is delivering the backlog quickly, however, up to a week of delays for deliveries are likely.

Ghana: Capital city of Accra experienced heavy flooding June 3rd.

Germany:  On-going postal strikes, the Mail and Parcel sorting and delivery in North-, West- and East-Germany is disturbed. Deutsche Post is trying to minimize the impact of the strike

Kenya: May 26-31st, flooding expect mail delays.

Belgium: May 27th, an electrical failure at Belgium’s central air traffic control facility forced the closure of Belgian airspace.

Belgium: The mail processing center in Liège, union strikes May 15-20th.

FedEx and UPS Rate Hikes Might Help the USPS

As covered in a previous post, the United States Postal Service (USPS) is set to implement rate increases on May 31, 2015  for its“Market Dominant Products” (Standard Mail, Periodicals, and Package Services). Pricing moves by the USPS always raise questions about whether customers will abandon the USPS and look for other alternatives. But an interesting infographic posted a few months ago by Endicia, a provider of ecommerce shipping technologies and services, illustrates how a survey of over 700 businesses indicates that rate increases by FedEx and UPS earlier this year might actually be driving customers to switch their shipping carrier to the USPS.

The Price Hikes are Coming!

Picture1In a development that hasn’t surprised any one, the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) has approved the most recent request by the USPS for price adjustments for what are cryptically called “Market Dominant Products.” This is USPS-speak for Standard Mail, Periodicals, and Package Services.

In two previous orders, the PRC remanded the price adjustments for these same services, citing non-compliance with applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.Apparently, the latest request complies with applicable statutory and regulatory requirements and the price requests will go into effect on May 31, 2015. The price adjustments were originally set for April 26, 2014 but were delayed by the PRC remands.

The new price list can be viewed on the Postal Explorer page underneath the 2015 Price Change Information heading.

Strike Three or Base Hit? The USPS Requests PRC for Approval of Rate Hikes Again

iStock_000004729406SmallAs noted in a previous post, the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) denied the United States Postal Service (USPS) March 18 request for rate changes on “market dominant products.” This was the second remand following the first on March 6th. But as of this week, the USPS has now filed a response to above-mentioned Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) Order  in which the Commission remanded proposed rates for Standard Mail, Periodicals and Package Services (the “market dominant products”). The USPS response contains revised pricing and further explanation consistent with the Commission’s Order.

If approved, new pricing would go into effect on May 31, 2015.

This seems confusing at first, given the USPS announcement at the end of March that it was holding off on rate adjustments scheduled to take effect on April 26. But the rate adjustments being delayed were for First Class Mail, Special Services and Competitive Products. These have already been approved by the PRC. On the other hand, the PRC has twice rejected proposed rates changes affecting Standard Mail, Periodicals and Package Services, and this is what the USPS is seeking to get approved and implemented by May 31.