Global Mail Delivery Delays Update: April 29, 2016

Here are the current areas of the woWorld Map_standing imagerld that may be experiencing mail delays.

Source: International Delivery Solutions

Kenya: April 28th, pilot strike, airports were shut down.

France:  General nationwide strike, April 28th.

Venezuela: Venezuela announced that public sector employees will now only work two days of the week in a bid to conserve energy amid the ongoing electricity crisis. Civil servants will only work on Mondays and Tuesdays until the crisis is over, with only “fundamental and necessary tasks” being performed on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.  What this means for mail delivery we are not sure.

Australia:  April 26th, Perth, the rail line affected by a train derailment in Western Australia is operational again.

Germany: A strike by the German union pilots prompted Lufthansa to cancel flights on April 26-27th, causes mail and parcel delays.

Chile:  April 25th, Postal Operations in Chile Back to Normal: Correos Chile informs that the serious flooding in the Santiago Metropolitan Region is over, and postal operations are back to normal.

India:  April 25th, floods in Northeastern India and Strike in Pudukkottai: Heavy rain in northeastern areas of India, expect mail delays.

Scotland: Postal Workers in Scotland Voted to Strike: On April 19th, postal workers have voted to strike across a large part of Scotland. The result of the ballot means deliveries may be affected across the EH (Edinburgh and Lothians),TD (Borders), FK (Stirling and central areas) and KY (Glenrothes and Fife) postcodes. The union has 28 days to set a strike date and must give Royal Mail seven days’ notice.

Japan:  Due to the earthquake on April 15th, items for delivery to Kumamoto, Miyazaki and Kagoshima Prefectures will be delayed due to the effects of the earthquake that occurred in Kumamoto Prefecture on 14/15 April. Postcodes of the affected areas are 860xxxx – 869xxxx (Kumamoto Prefecture), 880xxxx – 889xxxx (Miyazaki Prefecture) and 890xxxx – 899xxxx (Kagoshima Prefecture).

Mandated USPS Pricing Rollback Effective April 10

Caution: Falling Price Zone! It’s hard to imagine but it looks like we are about to see a once in a lifetime event this month, as the USPS will be forced to lower its prices. Falling Rock Zone SignAccording to a DDM Advisory released today:

Absent Congressional or Court action to make the existing exigent surcharge for Market Dominant products and services part of the rate base, the Postal Service™ will be required to reduce prices for Forever stamps and other mailing products, effective Sunday, April 10.

See the chart below for details:

Product New Price Old Price
1-ounce First-Class Mail letter $0.47 $0.49
Letters with additional ounces $0.21 $0.22
Letters to international destinations $1.15 $1.20
Postcards $0.34 $0.35

We can also expect to see a decrease in commercial prices. The advisory goes on say to that “price reductions are required because the Postal Regulatory Commission has ordered USPS to reverse a 4.3 percent exigent surcharge that has been in place since January 2014.”


Shipping and Mailing Delays Follow Brussels Attack

World Map_standing imageSource: International Delivery Solutions

Due to the terrorist attacks in Brussels at an airport and metro station earlier today, companies shipping to or from Brussels should expect heavy disruptions today and in the near future. All air travel is either being completely suspended or rerouted to other airports, making it more difficult for timely mail delivery services in the area.

According to Tradewind News, in light of these attacks, Belgium ports have also intensified their control, though officials stated that maritime trade and shipping should remain relatively unaffected in the near future. Companies relying on maritime shipping should remain alert to any changes in the near future as security measures grow across the country.

Global Mail Delivery Delays Update: March 21, 2016

World Map_standing imageHere are the current areas of the world that may be experiencing mail delays.

Source: International Delivery Solutions

Australia:  Customs Border Force is planning a 24hr nationwide strike action on March 24th.

This strike will cause a disruption in the handling of all inbound mail, for both parcels and mail, with a possible delay after the end of the industrial action. Another possible industrial action is expected on March 29th and then more throughout school holidays.

Regarding traceable items: Australia Post has been experiencing IT difficulties over last month. As a result they have been unable to send the ‘attempted’ or ‘completed’ delivery scan events for items.

The Auspost website is able to show the status of some items and this can be accessed by going to: . The IT issue is expected to be fixed by end of March.

Venezuela: March 21-25th, Venezuela’s businesses, government buildings and offices will shut down for an entire week in an effort to conserve energy.  Expect mail delays.

United Arab Emirates: Inclement weather caused airline disruptions March 9 and 10th.  Expect mail delays.

Morocco:  Morocco Post has confirmed that a national strike began on the February 24th. Delays to mail services are likely as a result.

Global Mail Delivery Delays Update: February 29, 2016

Happy Leap Year!World Map_standing image

Here are the current areas of the world that may be experiencing mail delays.

Source: International Delivery Solutions

Figi – Feb 21st Fiji reported widespread flooding, damaging winds and rain from Tropical Cyclone Winston, prompting the government to declare a 30-day state of natural disaster. the capital city and international airport are resuming services, remote islands sustained the most damage.

Spain, Portugal and France – Severe Weather impacted parts of Europe: Feb 13-14th causing flooding.

Canada – Canada Post Holiday – Family Day Holiday – British Columbia on was on Feb 8th/.  Rest of Canada on Feb 15th.  Also for planning purposes, Good Friday & Easter Monday: Canada Post will be closed on Friday March 25th. There will be NO delivery of mail on Easter Monday, March 28th.

February 2016 USPS Updates on Pricing Negotiations


Update 1

A recent DMM Advisory indicated how it plans to notify the Postal Regulatory Commission of adjusted pricing based on the current exigent surcharge revenue target. For more explanation on the surcharge and its relationship to the Consumer Price Index, see here.

Absent Congressional or Court action to make the existing exigent surcharge for Market Dominant products and services part of the rate base or to otherwise extend it, the Postal Service™ will be providing notice to the Postal Regulatory Commission of the adjusted prices that are posted on Postal Explorer® at The Postal Service intends to provide such notice of the adjusted prices to the Commission 45 days before it is anticipated that the exigent surcharge revenue target will be reached.



Pushing back

Update 2

On February 12, the Association for Postal Commerce (PostCom) submitted reply comments to the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) on the Annual Compliance Report for Fiscal Year 2015 filed by the USPS on December 29. See below for comment highlights:

  1. USPS responses highlight its struggles to manage costs associated with Standard Mail Flats
  2. USPS responses reinforce concerns regarding its ability to accurately measure and comply with applicable service standards
  3. The PRC should reject price increases for Standard Mail Flats
  4. USPS responses confirm the need to better identify root causes of cost changes before taking drastic remedial action
    • USPS has not explained cost drivers
    • USPS answers highlight the need for greater use of IMb data in costing
  5. PostCom reiterates its contention in its Initial Comments that many of the cost increases shown in the FY 2015 ACR are a result of the inefficient use of Postal infrastructure

The full text of the reply comments is available here.

Midwest Winter Storm Update

XPO Logistics reports that they areWinterDude beginning to resume normal operations after a large winter storm left significant snow in areas of the Midwest.  Freight scheduled for pickup or delivery today or that is traveling through these areas may experience a 1-2 day delay.

The following location is closed today:

  • Nebraska – Grand Island

The following locations are operating on a limited basis depending on road conditions and accessibility:

  • Iowa – Omaha/Council Bluffs, Sioux City, Fort Dodge, Clear Lake, Ottumwa